Friday, June 29, 2012

Let's play catch up.

So, this has been one long week! Last weekend I was out shopping for groceries and grabbed a few supplies to make some stuff for an awesome workshop called 'green on a shoestring'. It was a free workshop to teach people about being more economical. Topics were about: healthy eating/cooking, making your own home products basically from laundry detergent- toothpaste, buying cloth diapers, health- which was about making your own natural medicines and then my topic: making cloth diapers and everything about the babies bottom care. It was an awesome event, I wish I were able to mingle around to check out the tables, but a handout of tons of recipes were printed inside. That makes me so happy! It was such a benefit to get that handout and to meet a bunch of super friendly people thinking about venturing into or back into the cloth diaper world.
Just to have people come up to my little station open minded to learn about cloth was great. No, honestly just to have them get dressed and come out to the event was awesome!
Here is the only downfall. My internet has been down since Tuesday morning. It should be all fixed by tomorrow afternoon, but I met a bunch of people who wanted to follow my blog to learn more about cloth diapers and making them. I typed out an entire blog on how to make your own shorties, I even video taped a bunch of it for a video to add. I didn't want to publish my blog about making a diaper when I couldn't go online to edit it and move the pictures to the proper areas. (I normally blog on my phone while nursing johnny, then I jump on the comp to edit it). So I apologize for keeping you waiting.
Also, since I am new to blogger, I'm not sure how to edit everything on my blog page. I need to figure out how to add a "follow" button when my computer is turned back on.

I've been working on being a firm mom the last couple of days with hunter because he is so stubborn with stuff, it's my fault he is. It's been very time consuming following through with being stern, but it's starting to work. I will leave all that for another blog.
Today our home insurance people sent out a stove repair guy. He decided we need new back burners, so we get new burners next week. I also decided Friday is my kitchen deep clean day, so I seriously scrubbed it down hard with baking soda and vinegar. Spotless kitchen. I still need to mop the floors. Johnny figured out how to turn on the stove burners O.o instead of buying a stove cover, I removed the knobs and we can put one back on when we need to cook. ..
I'm going to enjoy some coffee while little man sleeps and big man plays in his pool and splashes me. It's so hot outside, but the breeze on the water droplets feels so refreshing.

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