Monday, June 25, 2012

{homemade} cloth wipes, toilet paper and paper towels

Have you ever considered using cloth wipes "family cloth" instead of toilet paper? How about flannel "un-paper towels" instead of paper, paper towels? It's not as bad as it sounds!
I was curious about making the switch because I already used homemade cloth flannel baby wipes. I loved the cloth wipes. I decided to get A couple of yards of tie dyed flannel and made 5X5 inch square wipes. I wash them with my diapers. I prefer using these instead of paper.

Just toss them into a waste basket, and when it's time to wash them, toss them in the wash. Give them a warm pre-rinse with 1/4 cup baking soda, we have to use the "extra rinse" option for this. then run a full heavy load with detergent and an extra rinse.

How I made mine:

1 yard flannel fabric
Sewing machine

Cut out 9x9 squares and sew them right sides together. Right sides would be the nice side, yes, you will be sewing it inside out.

Sew all 4 sides, but leave a 3 inch gap, so you can turn the fabric right side out

Once fabric is turned right side out, you can take a needle and pull out the corners of the wipes.

Iron the wipes, make sure to turn in the un closed gap and then sew all the way around the 4 sides. (you can see the open gap on the bottom of the picture below, when you turn that in and stitch the sides, it will close.)

VIOLA!!! All done. (the smaller wipes are 5X5 and are hand and face wipes for the kids. The hand and face wipes look just like "family cloth" toilet paper.

To make "un-paper towels" you need 11x11 inch squares. Have a basket in the kitchen for your new earth friendly non paper, un paper towels :D a cute design would totally spruce up your kitchen decor too.

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  1. Using cloth instead of Toilet Paper in the bathroom is wasteful too and truthfully rather nasty. Think of how much water you'll waste rinsing and washing(multiple?!) the cloth. Why not use the water to wash yourself with a Hand Bidet Sprayer. It's more efficient, cleaner, healthier and you never run out. See