Friday, June 15, 2012


      I decided to start a blog. I am not a great writer, I have improper grammar and I am not the sharpest little spelling bee buzzing around. Please look passed that as I am learning as I go. I feel as if I am always learning as I go and maybe this is partly the reason for my blog. 
     I basically plan to blog about all the emotions this dance called "life" takes me on, share my feelings, thoughts, daily activities and ideas, projects, talk about my home business and my passion for attachment parenting, cloth diapers, my family and the sweetest two little boys on earth that I am so proud and thankful to call MY children. I hope to catch some followers, preferably other parents and crafters.

     I have a feeling I will have very sporadic blog posts, but hey, I'm a girl and a mom, my mind bounces back and fourth on things naturally.

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