Sunday, July 1, 2012

How to make your own cloth diaper soaker

I made these soakers with Katrina's quick sew soaker pattern. I "up-cycled" pajamas, blankets, and used store bought fleece. I am happy with the results. It is super easy.   Just click on "new soaker pattern" and print that puppy out. Dont forget the "Extra layer for the wetzone" print out too. Cut to the size you need, it always helps to measure your child to find the best fit.  Thanks Katrina for sharing your free, printable, soaker pattern.
*Print out the soaker pattern and cut out the size you need. Trace it out on your fabric, making sure to flip the pattern over, so you get a full sized pattern, or cut it on a fold.

*Sew together the crotch portion from the front and back of the pattern, I use the zigzag stitch along the edge. And sew in the extra wet zone soaker to the crotch area. (Micture missing, I will take a pic and add it when I make my next soaker, so sorry)

Next, sew together the hip sides.

Take the waist band and fold it in half, so it's long and skinny. Sew it shut, then sew the edges closed to make a circle. I still use the zigzag. Repeat this step with both leg bands.

 You can zigzag the edges if you would like, you do not have to. You can leave all your seams as they are above.

  (^^ I can hear my High school sewing teacher in my head "Remember to cut your strings, Ladies". cut those off, it makes for a less tacky diaper, or anything that you venture out to make)

Place waistband and leg bands into the holes, making sure its right sides together. Pin each band in the center and both sides. Then zigzag stitch around them all. Make sure to stretch the bands, they are smaller than the actual diaper part. Dont stretch the actual fabric of the diaper. You want to avoid any puckering (puckering is where you have too much fabric and it bunches up at the very end) so stretch the band well, so it can evenly meet up when you come to each pin.

Turn inside out and put over a fitted diaper, flats, prefolds or old tshirts that have been recycled into a form of diaper.

REMEMBER: This is just a diaper. It does not have to be perfect. Don't feel down if your first few diapers are not 'perfect'. Practice makes perfect, or thats how the saying goes. Just use the ones you arent so confident about at home. You can double up on the extra soaker in the crotch part, you can also make this out of wool.
thank you for checking this out : )

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