Thursday, September 20, 2012

Flat diapers

            Finally! It's been a long awaited blog. I promised a few people back during the 'green on a shoestring' event for the "Birth and baby resource network" that I got to help out with, that I would write a blog about...{Flat diapers} for a cheaper alternative to other mainstream cloth diapers.

          Flat diapers aka "Flats" are a very thin single layer of material in the dimensions of 27 inches x 27 inches of: Birdseye cotton, or something fancier, like organic cotton, terry cloth, or bamboo. Not to be confused with prefold style of cloth diapers, while they are very similar, they are still very different.

I have decided to give flour sack towels a try as flats. They are 28 inches by 27 inches from target and 30 inches x 30 inches at walmart. Standard flat diaper dimension. You can get flour sack towels at: Walmart, target, ikea, and I am sure many other stores too. I grabbed some from both Walmart and target. They are just under $1 per towel, but come in a pack of 5 for $4.98 (at walmart) they come in a 4 pack at target for $5.99, I think. You can not beat that price. It isn't much more to purchase flats online, it's about $14.99 for 12, then you add taxes and shipping, and it sort of sucks.

            You do need a waterproof cover over the top of your flat diaper. I like to take a triple layer bamboo insert and fold it into the origami fold. The origami is my favorite style. I did make sure to wash/dry all of these flats 6 times prior to use (it helps the fabric become really absorbent). I also double up with 2 flat diapers and the bamboo insert, if we use them for night time. I will upload a video on my favorite two style of folds at a later time.

I really like:
How cheap this option of diapering is.
How well these diapers wash
The flat's hand wash challenge
How quick these puppies hang dry
How well they fit my sons body

I dislike:
Folding them.
The 2 part system of needing a cover

I am using a snappi to keep the diaper fastened onto his body. Remember the days of rubber pants and diaper pins? Yeah, you can say goodbye to those. Unless you prefer that method.

When your flat diapers get stained and you are unable to bleach them out by the sun, you can tie dye them to hide the spots.

What I love the most about these...they wipe up spills. They clean mirrors, they work as wonderful diapers when I don't feel like using any of my pocket diapers, and I absolutely love folding them up and using them in place of inserts.

And I can give them away when we are finished with them.

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