Sunday, September 2, 2012

Just a little drive on the back roads

            This is the kind of Saturday I like. We wake up early, make breakfast and clean the kitchen and then we load the kids up and go for a drive. It's not something we do every Saturday, but it is always fun when we do go.

           Yesterday we decided to go drive to a vegetable farm stand on templeton road. We had found one by accident on South El pomar road on a Saturday morning drive a few weeks before this Saturday, and we were unable to find it this time, possibly because we didn't drive far enough. I had another stand fresh in my mind from my friend, emilie. She had text me the day before about some elderberries she picked up, and she gave me directions. It was easy enough to find, although the name templeton road, confuses some with templeton, CA, but it's just a road off highway 41 east, and about 2 miles down, on a gigantic bend in the road, and it is on the left side. You can't miss the big metal poles with the speed limit sign.


              This is such a magical little place. So unique looking. An old flatbed truck that sits under a a giant canopy, and really cute decorations, hay, and adorable cork board to communicate/share recipes, a giant white board with super great prices, and an overload of awesome vegetables. About 1/4 mile down the dirt road, which we assume was the driveway into the farm, was a huge herd of cows, so we let hunter run down to them (they were fenced in, don't worry). While he enjoyed hooting at and dancing for the cows, we got busy Picking out our vegetable loot. We ended up with: squash, green onion, yellow baking squash, corn, lettuce, mint, basil, parsley, cilantro, Egyptian onions, and garlic. Johnny slept through this entire event. While waiting for hunter to come back from the cows, we saw a mini cooper club. I'd say 20 mini coopers came driving by. We also saw a few bicyclists.

                Loaded up hunter and Johnny woke up, perfect timing because we saw a sign that was pointing out a farm further down the road. We took of in search of that farm. We come around another bend, and I spy a beautifully built gigantic open barn. Inside I see baskets of white bottles and I get excited thinking we have come across raw milk (I've now discovered its illegal for farms to sell it to public, but legal to buy from a grocer) We turn around and go back.
            This farm is gorgeous! We park and get both boys out of the car and enter the barn to see that this is a goat farm! The baskets with white bottles were baskets of their goat milk based product line of different Chapstick, lotions, face creams, night creams, soap. Everything smelled AMAZING! The first I smelled was plumeria hand/body lotion and it blew bath and body works out of the water, not only because the the mouth watering, delicious scent of the product, but it is also free of anything you would not want to be massaging I into your body, and it's goats milk.


                There was also a Giant fridge that had eggs from happy cage free chickens, goat cheese, fetta mixed stuff with olives. We grabbed some eggs and I admired the decorations inside the barn. This creepy chandelier type thing, cute signs, all the baskets (I have a thing with baskets), the open feel of the barn with the cool breeze coming in. It was so exciting, haha.

               We exited the barn and checked out this really awesome chicken coop. I think it was just a laying coop, because the chickens were running around this giant yard, bigger than my backyard, and I have a great sized yard. There was a giant metal chicken statue, we took a picture in front of that. Around the other side of the barn was a couple of goats, and a big bronze planter filled with goat food. We fed the few goats that were there and then we saw a giant family of goats running from a barn really far onto their property.

                We ended up meeting a bunch of goats, a family of 4 wanted to take a picture with us, I literally got pinned back by a goat for a picture. I put my back the the fence and he wrapped his neck around my shoulder/neck area and started kissing me all over. I was holding Johnny and its partner goat started kissing him. It was all funny, and slimy. Two bikers had stopped and witnessed is being on by the goats.
We went back to the house after all this
                                 {above is our gorgeous veggies}

This is worth the health benefits, the small town support, and the family bonding time/memories.


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