Monday, September 10, 2012

The slacker of slackerton

           I've been on an obvious slacker break from making any of my pocket diapers or soakers. I am quite sad about this. It's just not really anything that has been important the last couple of months, after all these friends passing away (that count has actually doubled since the last blog a few days ago) my son constantly nursing and fulfilling my role as a "house wife" getting stuff done, playing with the kids, I am just exhausted. I am accumulating such a beautiful array of fabrics in the process. I am looking forward to putting it all to great use and saving some landfills.

                I have been dipping my toes in the whole etsy world. I have so much more to make other than diapers, my creative side is bursting with ideas. I can't wait to post it all up for the world to see. I've found a super awesome DIY woven label tutorial, I am ridiculously excited to create and make them. I want to make it all myself, packaging is always such an awesome part to receiving items in the mail.

              I did start making some momma cloth ( menstrual pads) and I actually really like making them. Way quicker than diapers, that's for sure! Ha! I had made some before, but I hated the pattern I used and I just drew out my own pattern this time and I really like it. I think I want to make a bunch for myself. I really want to marble dye some cotton velour for a matching set of them.

           Today I FINALLY got around to starting my kombucha SCOBY.  I am really excited about this process, my friend referred to it as a science project, and she is totally right. It's going to be a LOT of fun. I look most forward to the bottling process and adding in different fruits and making other types of kombucha with white and green tea, as I used black for this one, and I read that the oil in black tea can compromise the SCOBY a little.  So we will see. I will have to write a blog on all that after the SCOBY has grown.

    Its pumpkin season! I'm excited about that too. I love pumpkin spice. I'm sad I didn't plant any pumpkins this year. I could have made a lot of things with them, soup, bread, pancakes, muffins, etc. I love pumpkin. So yummy.  Oh, that pumpkin oatmeal recipe on pinterest...yeah, I will be making that.
    I'm done rambling. I just had an urge to write. It is now gone and my pizza is ready.

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